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Help & Info about Nexus for windows

  • What does Nexus do?

    Winstep Nexus Dock is a nice little addition to your boring standard Windows task bar. You can customise the way you steer your Windows PC and imbue it with some Mac OS aesthetics. Many users choose this gadget to breathe new life and dynamics into the plain static space at the bottom of their screens.
  • How customisable is Nexus?

    In one word: very. Nexus comes with a multitude of features, themes, and behaviours. It can complement or completely replace the standard Windows taskbar. Between the many looks and options, users often arrive at unique combinations which make their Windows setups stand out pleasantly.
  • Is Nexus easy to use?

    For all the variety and functionality it packs, the dock leaves something to be desired in the usability department. The menus are a little spread out, and the sheer number of controls and options imply a slight learning curve. While other similar products pass as more intuitive, Nexus' functionality still makes it a worthy contender.
  • Is Nexus free to use?

    Yes, most users will be completely content with the free version. There is, however, a Winstep Nexus Dock Pro available as well. This paid extension lets you create and nest multiple docks, integrate shelves, and a host of extra features for the truly creative and dedicated tweakers out there.
  • Does Nexus include widgets?

    One of the dock's strongest selling points is the multitude of widgets with which you can personalise your desktop. Once you get around to using the somewhat daunting menus, the sky is the limit when it comes to widgets, both in form and functionality: from talking clocks and email checkers with multiple voice options to program activation dialogues and automated speech reports.
  • Can I easily reset my new dock?

    Yes, Nexus supports resets, both total and on a section-by-section basis. Since customisation is at its heart, the Winstep dock takes care to allow you to play and try out new things without the risk of ruining your progress irreversibly.
  • Are Nexus settings transferrable?

    Absolutely! Once you have gotten all the tweaks and features exactly right, you can save them under a unique profile and transfer them to other devices. Alternatively, you can create multiple such profiles on the same device and switch between them depending on the tasks you are tackling at any given time.
  • Is Nexus safe to use?

    There are no inherent risks in using the Winstep dock tool, unless you count the danger of spending hours on selecting, arranging, and setting up your favourite widgets as a dangerously high opportunity cost.
  • Who really needs Winstep Nexus Dock?

    It is a great application for creative types who enjoy making their devices "their own" through thoughtful customisation. It can also help former Mac OS users transition into the Windows environment because it principally relies on the Mac aesthetic.
  • How does the dock affect system performance?

    Winstep's dock solution is highly efficient and uses system resources sparingly. While performance will depend on your widget count and setup, it is likely to be smooth and sleek.


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